Investor Protection

LTD token is developed to reflect the value of LiveTrade’s ecosystem, and LiveTrade believes that all investors who place their trust in us should be fully protected to the best extent. By introducing an Early Redemption Policy (the “Policy”), we are giving auction participants an opportunity to redeem the LTD tokens acquired from the auctioning early. In response to feedback from the market, the Company is seeking to strengthen the long-term viability and fairness within the market for remaining participants who are taking a longer-term view and who wish to contribute to building out the LiveTrade ecosystem.

Accordingly, the Company provides this policy in an effort to take these specific auction tokens out of circulating supply and allow investors to redeem the fund paid in the auction. The redemption period will last 12 months, starting one month after the token distribution. By using these redemption options, a user who received LTD tokens at the first auction can return a part of or all of them to the Company and receive a corresponding percentage (recognizing the effect of the time value of money) of the price paid to acquire them.

Specific terms of the redemption policy are as below.


The Policy is applicable to participants of the auction conducted on platforms that may be announced by LiveTrade on LiveTrade’ official channels with only the number of LTD tokens acquired by the aforementioned participant at the time of auction being eligible for redemption.


1. Periods of redemption

There will be 12 redemption periods, corresponding to the subsequent 12 months from the closing of the auction. Users can start to return the bid LTD tokens and redeem payments from the 1-month anniversary of the auction.

For each redemption period, the percentage applied varies and decreases over time as specified in item 3 of this Section II.

2. Percentage of redemption


1. The requester shall send the number of tokens intended for redemption to the wallet address that LiveTrade may designate from time to time and a request for redemption via a form that LiveTrade may designate from time to time. Required information shall include but not limited to the original wallet address, bid transaction ID, amount of token won, currency/cryptocurrency and amount of payment, and LTD return transaction ID.

2. LiveTrade’s support team bases on the time of request to determine the percentage of redemption claimable by the participant and sends the claimable amount to the wallet address specified in item 1 of this Section III within 10 days after receiving the returned LTD tokens.

3. Refunds will be dispersed via the same currency/cryptocurrency by which the bid was conducted.


1. Requester may transfer LTD tokens in and out of the wallet at any time for desired transactions, however, all LTD tokens intended for redemption must be in the wallet that participated in the auction by the time of redemption initiation.

2. The LTD return transaction shall only be initiated from the wallet address participated in the auction to be eligible for redemption.

3. Requester may redeem payment for any part of the tokens acquired from the auction.

4. Transaction fee:

Requester shall pay the transaction fee for the LTD return transaction.

LiveTrade may deduct an amount of transaction fee up to 0.05% from the claimable amount for each refund transaction. The charged fee’s value, no matter paid in which currency or cryptocurrency, however, will not exceed 5 USDT per transaction (calculated by the value of the claimable currency/cryptocurrency at the time of refund).

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